About me

After completing my Masters started professional journey as a Scientist with Physical Research Laboratory (part of ISRO) and supported environmental study by analyzing signatures buried in glaciers.

Following my passion for software, I joined the industry and worked for more than 20 years of which 10 years were with Microsoft.  I played key roles in project planning, product delivery, all the phases of software development life-cycle, delivered solutions using Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.

3 years and counting with Evnzee and delivering the results in applying additive manufacturing to transforming traditional processes at grass-root level in the filed of Dentistry, Manufacturing, Architecture and more…

About US

Evnzee Technologies Private Limited established in 2016 with a vision of exploring cutting edge technology and drive innovation for the industry. The mission of EVNZEE is to unleash the power of Additive Manufacturing to its full extent and make prototyping a seamless experience.

The company inherits the strength in computer software and building expertise in additive manufacturing tools & techniques. We are actively collaborating with the industry, domain experts and offering our services overlaying end to end lifecycle of the product development(Idea to Implementation).