Achieve 3D on-demand production without the hassle of minimum order quantity

Deploy 3D printing & Vacuum Casting without design constraints for your product development and reduce your 
Go-to-market time with Rapid Prototyping 

FDM & SLA 3D-Print

By leveraging Evnzee’s FDM & SLA 3D Printing services, you gain access to advanced technologies that deliver precise, rapid, and cost-effective solutions for your prototyping and production needs.

E-vehicle Prototyping

You gain a competitive edge in the fast-evolving electric vehicle industry. Our innovative solutions, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, & sustainability commitment make us the ideal partner for bringing your e-vehicle ideas to life.

Vacuum Casting

EvnZee’s Vacuum Casting services provide a powerful tool for product designers & engineers, delivering detailed, high-quality prototypes quickly and cost-effectively. These benefits support innovation, product refinement, and efficient market entry.

IOT based Enclosures

EvnZee’s IoT-based enclosures offers customization, scalability, & aesthetics, ensuring that your IoT devices are not only well-protected but also seamlessly integrated into your projects, whether for industrial, commercial applications or smart homes.

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Our delivery time is 7-10 days after design confirmation based on order quantity.

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